Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments With 0% Fees & No Third-party

BTCPay Server is a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor. It's secure, private, censorship-resistant and free.

Server Invoice

Connect your e-commerce store or use one of many apps to get paid.

Funds arrive directly to your connected wallet.

  • Essential Apps Built-in

    Features you use the most are baked right into every instance so you can hit the ground running.

    Create a Point-of-Sale app for your store, easily embed a tipping button on your website, send a payment link to a client across the globe, or launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for your cause

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  • Great for Invoicing and accounting

    Generate and manage invoices with ease.

    Get notified when they get paid. Export your invoices in different format for smoother bookkeeping.

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  • Native Wallet Management

    Manage your incoming and outgoing funds with a built-in wallet that has hardware wallet support.

  • Self-host or use a shared server

    Use a shared server if you're not tech savvy, or deploy your own instance on cloud servers or hardware devices.

    By sharing your server you can support friends or your local community.

  • Automation via the API

    Manage your BTCPay Server (e.g. stores, invoices, users), automate your workflows and control access with our API.

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What is BTCPay Server?

BTCPay Server for local communities


Need help using BTCPay? Our extensive user-documentation covers everything to get you started or help sort more technical issues.

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Having a technical question not covered in docs or want to help improve the code? Help us out on GitHub.

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BTCPay Server is an open-source project, not a company. We rely on a network of diverse contributors and users to provide support for numerous use-cases. Join us in improving, learning, and building BTCPay.