Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments With 0% Fees & No Third-party

BTCPay Server is a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor. It's secure, private, censorship-resistant and free.

Receive your bitcoin and altcoin payments without any fees or third-party involvement. You are your own payment processor. Funds go directly to your wallet; your private key is never required.

Receive bitcoin payments as a business or an individual. No fees. No third-party.
Free and fully-open source software. Self-hosted and non-custodial.
Your keys - Your bitcoin. Private key never required for using BTCPay.
Accept micro payments via the Lightning Network. Self-hosted Lightning Node.
E-commerce integrations: WooCommerce, Drupal, Presta, Magento and more.
Maximum privacy for you and your customers. Running a full node. No AML/KYC.
Easily add payment buttons for tips and donations on your website.
Get paid in person or online with a built-in web Point of Sale app.
Accounting made easy with Quick Book integration and invoice export.
Complete technology stack that allows you to become a payment processor for yourself or others.
Opt-in integrations for several altcoins, maintained by their respective communities.
  • Bitcore (BTX)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Feathercoin (FTC)
  • Groestlcoin (GRS)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Monacoin (MONA)
  • Polis (POLIS)
  • Viacoin (VIA)
  • BGold (BTG) (also known as Bitcoin Gold)




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BTCPay Server is an open-source project, not a company. We rely on a network of diverse contributors and users to provide support for numerous use-cases. Join us in improving, learning, and building BTCPay.